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Online Art Demos - step-by-step illustrated instructional guides on a variety of oil painting topics by Welsh artist Jason Morgan, including how to paint soft feathers on mallards and ducklings, water ripples, reflections, bounced light, cottages, realistic evergreens and bushes, creating depth in your paintings, tonal painting, preparing the canvas, cleaning brushes and more

kath   09-January-2002 - 12:58:23
A very good site for the beginner and novice painter. Probably one of the most detailed and informative, free sites I have found.

Anthony Foretich   10-April-2002 - 07:43:12
Jason was one of the few successful artists who was kind enough to encourage and advise me personally by email. He is a rare avis in this business.

Sharon   28-April-2002 - 10:17:28
I think this site is wonderful, very informative.

Karen Davila   22-September-2002 - 23:38:06
I am beginning oil paintingon my own.this sitehelped me understand some things

Kirill   20-March-2003 - 11:20:47
Very accurate and thoroughly prepared learning material.
Personally I have learned more drawing/oil painting technique from this site then from other sources all together. Thank you, great artist Jason Morgan!

Robert Z   09-May-2003 - 11:57:24
Great Site I loved it, and very informative

Colleen   08-September-2003 - 08:57:13
Great artist...I have learned a great deal from your Demo's.. Thank you

Christine   02-October-2003 - 08:34:55
This is the best site I have found, I have learnt quite a lot from this site. Thanks Jason.

Dona   02-April-2004 - 22:01:41
I like this site and have bookmarked it for future reference. Thank you to Jason Morgan!

vijay   06-April-2004 - 03:21:21
i want to learn oil painting

chris   22-June-2004 - 16:32:35
Jason Morgan has done a terrific job............. Thanx a lot to you.......... you have revived my interest in painting......

Richard Pierce   09-June-2005 - 06:39:01
Very good Information.

Sudeep   14-November-2005 - 04:15:03
At last I found a best free site for the beginners. Very much informative. Thanks a lot Jason Morgan

ANURADHA PHADNIS   24-June-2006 - 00:23:46
your valuable instructions are solicited.Thanks

gloria   06-March-2007 - 17:49:01
I am collecting info on basics of oil painting & have now found out about preparing canvas. Your step by step instructions with pictures realy is the way to go, as quite often words are not enough to explain.
I feel as though now I will get started on my long time dream ( 40 years ) of trying my hand at painting. Thankyou so much. Cheers from Australia.

Tessie   19-May-11 - 05:20:36
Hey, that's the graeetst! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

Larry Ruiz   31-August-11 - 18:50:56
If one would like to paint realistic animals and birds, this is the place. Superb!!

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