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Oil Painting Demonstrations: Workshop Tutorial - Comments

Oil Painting Demonstrations: Workshop Tutorial - step-by-step illustrated oil painting tutorials by painter Martin Ridley, covering initial sketches & drawings for painting, final layout and start of oil painting, oil painting stages and more

gojo   07-June-2002 - 21:37:15
The background is so dark that it's difficult to read the tutorials. Perhaps I gave up too quickly, but I didn't really attempt to work with the tutorial due to the lack of contrast between the background and the text. The material sounded interesting, but it didn't seem worth the effort.

D. Duncan   05-July-2002 - 20:43:17
Good site with good tips for beginners. I especially liked his technique for painting the background with complimentary colours.

debbie   27-December-2003 - 03:11:52
Great information on the technical aspects of paintings and very educational demos.

debbie   27-December-2003 - 03:12:20
Great information on the technical aspects of painting and very educational demos.

eileen roth   09-January-2004 - 04:34:20
Interesting site

Richard   25-January-2004 - 17:07:53
I've been put on longterm disability and I don't want to rot away. I've always wanted to paint now is a good time to do it.

Thank you so much

Cheryl   18-April-2005 - 14:37:30
I enjoyed your sight. I have only been oil painting for 8 months. I am looking for anything I can get to teach me how to do things, tequenics, mixing and anything else for little or nothing because I am not working right now due to a dissability. I have not much money, and all the extra I can gather goes to my lessons.
Cheryl June

Richard Pierce   09-June-2005 - 06:43:27
This is another excellent painting tutorial site.

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