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Jazz Piano Practice Tips - Comments

Jazz Piano Practice Tips - illustrated tutorials on basic jazz piano theory along with generalized text-based practice tips, covering intervals, triads, 7th chords, major & minor scale tone harmony, modes of the major scale, composite minor scale tone harmony, the major II-V-I progression, the minor II-V-I progression, type A&B left hand piano voicings and more

pauline warjri   06-January-2003 - 10:49:25
The Practice tips are very helpful and well-explained.A real treasure we would not find in books. I am grateful for them.

philip   04-March-2003 - 15:27:54
i am ajazz lover and from ghana i believe jazz will live forever

sunday daniel   13-October-2004 - 20:41:03
i need lecture

Ron Olivere   07-July-2005 - 10:35:35
great web page

inyeneraphael   16-May-2006 - 13:00:16
i love u

dave   14-September-2006 - 10:12:45
thanks for creating a website like this to help the upcoming instrumentalist like us, I have listened to kirk whalum's tape several time and i find it very difficult to score the chord and scale progression, please can you help me out? am like a stack illiterate who knows nothing when it comes to the jazz world, thanks, am dave from Nigeria.

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