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Learn Jazz Piano, by Scot Ranney - Comments

Learn Jazz Piano, by Scot Ranney - illustrated and MIDI-enhanced jazz piano lessons, covering basics, simple blues, advanced blues, blues licks, walking bass, reharmonization, chord sheets, listening, practicing and more

John McKinney   25-June-2001 - 10:07:25
Awesome site! I learned so much that in a couple months I made it into a combo at my university. I can't believe it's a free site!

Tom Cole   10-November-2001 - 00:06:50
What a site! I can't believe that I finally figured out some stuff that I've been working on forever. Scott's site really has some great tips and information. His midi files are cool too!

Jed_uno   17-May-2002 - 05:05:13
This site deserves 10!!! I have learned a lot from this site. My teacher and I usually study the lessons i had downloaded. Thanks a lot and MORE POWER!

B. Kelly   21-May-2002 - 17:15:17
As a professional, I was glad to see a site like this out there. The information is right on the dot- Keep up the good work, Scott!

The forums are the real power. If you have questions, Scott and other pro players step right up to answer them. It's great to see so many different ideas. Just have to say "wow".

Cazort   21-July-2002 - 13:39:25
This site is very helpful. I wish there were more sites like this on the web; not just sites for jazz piano but educational sites of any nature.

Mo' Dawg   26-October-2002 - 11:51:51
Yo, keep it up baby! This is what the web is all about!

Brian   29-November-2002 - 17:14:22
Great Site!

zippy   12-December-2002 - 21:21:08
Just gotta say that I've never seen a site like this that is free. This one deserves more than a 10.

Bugman   02-April-2003 - 22:34:05
Rad site, dude.

cmingus   06-January-2004 - 18:09:37
...........incredible site...a great find for aspiring jazz piano players.....what I like the best is it's interactivity - not too much clutter, useful forums, lots of useful tips........

Scooter MacGerrit   30-January-2004 - 00:49:39
I'm learning lots- keep up the good work!

Vlatko   16-May-2004 - 15:35:03
Thanks for this Great Site. A lot of greetings from Croatia.

Brandi   30-October-11 - 16:39:27
You have the monopoly on useful information—aren't mnoopolies illegal? ;)

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