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British Origami Society - Comments

British Origami Society - a collection of detailed, illustrated guides on a wide range of origami topics, including folding pentagons and hexagons, Van Goubergan's Curler units, origami analysis, folding 45 degrees, folding 30 and 60 degree angles, origami & catastrophe theory, the Miura-ori map, decorative folding, wet folding, origami puzzles and more

Theresa   21-January-2002 - 15:34:59
This information was very helpful in teaching my two children(9 and 11 years of age) the basics for starting projects in origami.

Biobob   07-December-2002 - 13:50:41
This website needs diagrams!

Nick Robinson   19-April-2004 - 10:23:53
this website is amazing - full of photos, diagrams and lots mroe besides. Well worth a visit...

Jason Neal   17-May-2004 - 13:30:35
I think Mr Robinson is very biased as he is not only the editor for the British Origami Magazine but also for the British Origami web site!!
He is absolutely right though!

Jason Neal (Member of the British Origami Society)

billy bob   07-December-2005 - 12:29:06
thes people r crazy

alix   27-April-2006 - 18:33:44
i think that know one will understand because i couldn't and nither did my school/family.So i think you should put easyer instructions so people can actualy read and or do the amazing things you posted/do.

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