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Wilderness Survival: Could You Survive the Wild? - Comments

Wilderness Survival: Could You Survive the Wild? - illustrated instructional information on wilderness survival taken from actual US Army training manuals, covering the psychology of survival, survival planning and survival kits, basic survival medicine, shelters, water procurement, firecraft, food procurement, survival use of plants, poisonous plants, dangerous animals, field-expedient weapons, tools, and equipment, desert survival, tropical survival, cold weather survival, sea survival, expedient water crossings, field-expedient direction finding, signaling techniques, camouflage and more

Chris Beasley   02-August-2001 - 13:54:34
This site was U.S. News and World Report's "Best of the Web - Site of the Week" for 8/6/2001

****   25-February-2002 - 14:11:20
who would want to be in the wild?

Jason   02-April-2002 - 22:04:56
Great site! I had a project due on Wilderness site survival and I got an A thanks to this wonderful site! GREAT WORK!

Brandon   23-October-2002 - 12:05:15
I am an avid camper. I am also an Eagle Scout(out of Troop 232 Nederland, Texas). This is one of the most comprehensive and realistic wilderness survival sites that I have come by in a long time. I have been trained in wilderness survial and am teaching the merit badge to younger scouts. I got the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge when i was 13 and got hooked on survial skills. I was amazed at accuracy, the layout of the site, and the ease of use it offers. This site definatly gets my vote of 10.

Shakisha Sami Glass   02-January-2003 - 20:43:03
I think that this is a good site to go to if you are in NAL or studying for any type of acedemic game. I really enjoyed this site and i want to shout out to marc, trey, michael, derrick, punch, and I hope you enjoy this site as much as I did.

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