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Logoi Notes - Comments

Logoi Notes - a collection of instructional articles and essays on learning languages (mainly Chinese), including "The Chinese alphabet," "Chinese letters," "Pictographs versus alphabet," "Chinese symbols of nature," "Chinese characters - Sound versus meaning," "Chinese symbols of good fortune," "Chinese symbols of animals," "Learning Chinese," "Chinese symbols," "The number of symbols in Chinese names," "Seals in Ancient Chinese Magic," "Origins of Chinese Writing" and more

Margit   19-July-2001 - 08:13:33
The site is useful because it gathers all information in one place. It has anything I ever wanted to learn about Chinese writing and Chinese symbols, even things I never thought I wanted to learn.

Abraham You   19-May-2003 - 01:36:23
Very good collection!

Jennifer   24-May-2003 - 12:22:08
A very good collection. Excellent resource!

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