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The Internet Picture Dictionary: Italian - Comments

The Internet Picture Dictionary: Italian - online multilingual picture dictionary with interactive, instructional activities for Italian language learners.

Gabriel   14-October-2001 - 14:32:00
This is a very cool site

Rowen   09-December-2001 - 12:31:24
Seems simple and easy to use, just what I was looking for

Alex   12-February-2002 - 09:58:20
Very nice for beginners

liz   28-May-2002 - 21:22:16

esen   30-June-2004 - 05:38:41
I'm learning italian language as third tang. I want to improve my italian language.

bee   01-October-2004 - 20:18:43
needs pronounciations!

Mary Dimech   07-December-2005 - 10:33:44
Well done!!! Found this site to be very educational. My 11 year old son
tells me it is helping him remember the words alot easier.

columbo   14-January-2007 - 15:14:59
Excellent - I am using this to help me understand the Italian language and it is fantastic - Please keep it going...

silvana millslagle   03-January-2009 - 19:28:16
Some of the definite articles are not correct. For example:-"lo scopa" Scopa is a femminine nouns and it should be " la scopa". Great illustrations to the vocabulary!

Anthony Cullen   06-January-11 - 02:47:17
I have moved from England to Tuscany [retired] and have found the pdictionary an excellent way to build my Italian vocabulary.It's an additional method to the usual grammar studies and so on. It's fun and I show the site to the children of my friends who are learning English .They love it!

Janet   01-February-11 - 10:40:03
There are other errors! Watermelon is "il cocomero", NOT "il melone d'acqua". Also, use "il pepperoncino" for a small hot pepper and "il pepperone" for a regular pepper.

parviz   27-August-11 - 17:38:29
learning italian

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