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The Internet Picture Dictionary - Comments

The Internet Picture Dictionary - online multilingual picture dictionary with interactive instructional activities for ESL students and English language learners

g. heredia   20-April-2002 - 11:22:36
This can be very useful for students who need visual aid in order to learn.

matt   30-July-2002 - 00:20:29
it's good site

Iris   04-July-2003 - 02:16:07
A very good site for self-learning. Worth introducing to our students who are learning English as a foreign language and who always find they know too few words to be used in their writings.
Also, the activities are good for consolidating what one has browsed.

Armando   11-June-2004 - 10:45:29
Very nice and easy to follow

Servando Molina   24-August-2004 - 19:47:29
I found your flashcards can be very useful for newbies in English . Ideal for practicing and increasing vocabulary.

Haixia   03-February-2005 - 03:13:36
after I learn some new words by category or letter, I can use flashcards or fill-in-the-blinks, or words scramble to review the words what i just learned instead of other words which I have learned yet

Haixia   03-February-2005 - 03:16:05
I wish you will have more flashcards

j tai   24-February-2005 - 00:41:04
the best learn english.

j tai   24-February-2005 - 00:41:16
the best learn english.

Nghiem Minh Nguyen   26-June-2005 - 17:03:47
It's really goog but it have little word

Carlos Uriel Castaņo   03-November-2005 - 11:10:33
Itīs an excellent tooll for the Engish students, thanks

lourdes m garcia   18-January-2006 - 15:03:26
gracias por darnos esta oportunidad de aprender ingles DIOS LOS BENDIGA Y MUCHAS GRACIAS.

trang tran   02-March-2006 - 11:39:42
it is good to learn english

gurpreet   03-April-2006 - 09:29:36
Good morning,
great work for kids, god bless. please adjust the printing stuff , so that we can print the picture without all advertisement . you can put some worksheets about fruits, veg,and another stuff too in it, so that we can print the stuff and give to the kids to colour in it. my daughter is 4 yrs old and she loves it.
thanks again for great work

Raymond   27-June-2006 - 07:58:19
This webside mush be usefull for my children or some one who first study langauge

Tran Ho   23-August-2006 - 04:42:39
animals with begining N,J

lesbia   21-May-2007 - 21:43:12
a need learns ingles pleases

lfolmo   17-November-2007 - 03:09:41
It's a very good idea for students

one thing: "encurtido" is a type of food, but not only "pepinillo"

Go ahead with this fantastic work

lupe   17-February-2009 - 17:47:18
this is great!. I wish I knew about something like this when I came years ago. thanks

mylene   16-June-2009 - 09:56:02
thanks a lot,hope you can help becouse I need the flashcard.ITs very nice.

kelly feldman   14-July-10 - 19:15:54
If it is geared for kids, it has many words they don't need, and on the other hand missing more useful ones on their level

DARIO   11-September-10 - 02:40:57
you are the best!

howard   10-December-10 - 14:15:50
I am puting together a course of introductory English for senior citizens who speak very liitle of the language. I came across your site purely by chance and find it very useful to help reinforce any lessons I might teach. As well, it can serve as an introduction to those who want
internet training but may be afraid or too shy to ask. Keep up the good work!

Erlis Alnur   14-April-11 - 07:48:47
I find your site very helpful for younger students. I plan to make a recording based on your flashcards. Send me an email if you welcome this idea.

ravi   12-May-11 - 00:39:20
its good to learn english

Jannet   15-September-11 - 22:50:28
Punk girl

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