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Nihongo o Narau - Learn Japanese - Comments

Nihongo o Narau - Learn Japanese - Japanese language instruction for speakers of english, covering vocabulary, grammar, useful phrases, pronunciation, songs for learning and more

Andy   10-October-2001 - 00:20:38
Hi Guys,

This is the best site on the entire Internet to learn Japanese. Thanks to you - the owner of the site. You are the BEST.

Beginning student   29-September-2004 - 21:05:52
I agree with the last commentor, the site is very good for beginners in Japanese.

Michelle   13-November-2005 - 11:36:03
Actually, I disagree with the other two. I tried to use the site, and I found it quite confusing.

Roxane   08-April-2006 - 01:24:38
This site is great for beginners like me who wants to learn Japanese at her own time.

legendsaber   12-February-2007 - 08:56:32
Moderately decent for complete beginners in the language, but attaining even intermediate fluency requires other sources.

DJ Black   01-August-2007 - 23:55:13
I agree with Michelle. It's rather boring actually

taylor   23-October-2007 - 08:40:43
i've been using for a while and it's good for a site that you dont have to pay to get a very basic understanding of it.

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