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Akhlah: The Jewish Children's Learning Network - Comments

Akhlah: The Jewish Children's Learning Network - online Hebrew lessons for kids, covering the Hebrew alphabet, days in Hebrew, Hebrew months, vowels, and phrases, plus other instructional information on the Jewish faith, Jewish culture, Israel and more

Al   29-September-2002 - 05:09:52
Very cool site. Love the graphics and sound files.

Melissa   15-July-2004 - 09:34:07
Aklah is a colorful and easy-to-use website, which includes flash cards, torah commentary, coloring pages, etc. It is appropriate for younger children, and I find it interesting as an adult!

Jim   10-November-2004 - 00:17:43
Very interesting site for kids and everyone who wants to learn about Torah and Israel. Great kids colorful graphics, sound files and flash cards! Book mark this one.

Lisa   24-August-2005 - 02:24:19
Wonderful! My kids actually like learning from this site. Very colorful and easy to find things on. No advertising (which is totally amazing for any site now a days).

as dickerson   25-February-11 - 19:05:28
I attempted to learn Hebrew and Greek in college, but just didn't have the background necessary to pass the course.I intend to use this site for myself!! Thank you!! Awesome site!! 10+10!!

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