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Sawdust Making 101 - Comments

Sawdust Making 101 - illustrated guides and tips for beginning woodworkers, covering the use of hand tools such as the chisel, handsaw, clamps, level, combination square, pliers, drill bits, safety glasses, electric drill, sandpaper, hammer, screwdrivers, hacksaw, tape measure, hand plane and the wrench, power tools such as band saws, scroll saws, routers and table saws, shop safety and more

Carmen Meeks   15-February-2002 - 10:48:05
Being a beginner woodworker this web site has given me more than ideals it has also given me incintives and a feeling of relief knowing that projects aren't as intimidating as they seem. I enjoy looking at the many other projects done by other woodworkers who might I say have some beautiful and inspiring peices. I have bookmarked a variety of the pages and will refer to them often hey! with your help I may soon have a site of my own. Thanks again for the very helpful and easy to understand instructions and plans. I'll be visting again and again.

Brandilyn   31-October-11 - 12:50:38
You keep it up now, unerdsantd? Really good to know.

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