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LJL Seminars: Speaking Tips - Comments

LJL Seminars: Speaking Tips - detailed instructional tips on public speaking and making presentations, including such tips as "How to Overcome Speaking Anxiety", "How to Deal With A Hostile Audience", "Using Overhead Transparencies", "Your Telephone Speaking Voice", "Impromptu or Extemporaneous Speaking", "How to Gesture Effectively", "How to Use Transitions Effectively", "Hints for Eliminating Visual or Verbal Clutter" and more

Lequita Adams   25-January-2002 - 11:52:06
I am a ninth grader at Carver High School in Columbus, Georgia. In the next few weeks I will be competing in an extemporaneous speaking event for Skills USA-VICA and the content avaliable on this subject really set me at ease. Thanks!

Jennifer   22-January-2003 - 13:14:38
I know you posted this a long time ago but I ran acrossed it and was wondering if you did it last year if you could help me out some, i just found out that i am going to do this for the skills confrence and i was wondering if you could tell me any about it

Lequita   20-April-2006 - 02:50:52
hello see i actually happen to confused on how you happen to have the exact same name as i do and i wonder how that and especailly since i'm a senior in high school about to graduate so the little girl claming my name that attends caver high school i would really love an answer

Louise Adams   09-June-2009 - 00:49:42
Wow! This really has been a while, but being that I have just come across this article, I am compelled to respond. You see, I am Lequita Adams,the one from Carver High School's younger sister. To the lady who commented just above me, please tell me why both of you were seniors, however, your tone of voice leads me to believe that you were in fact still in middle school... I apologize if I have offended you, but there is a dramatic difference in your grammatical abilities. Sorry, I tend to voice my own opinion ;)

Dash   16-August-11 - 05:03:43
Now that's sutble! Great to hear from you.

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