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UNIX Tutorial for Beginners - Comments

UNIX Tutorial for Beginners - a text-based introductory tutorial on the basics of UNIX, covering such topics as listing files and directories, making directories, changing to a different directory, pathnames, copying files, moving files, removing files and directories, displaying the contents of a file on the screen, searching the contents of a file, redirection, pipes, wildcards, filename conventions, killing a process, useful UNIX commands and more

Kannan   21-February-2002 - 14:56:02

satish   02-March-2005 - 07:10:09
good one

JOSHUA   13-July-2005 - 09:38:11
This site is nice for all beginners, i've learnt alot from this site,
I would like to ask some questions:
1.Whats the command for opening a directory in LINUX is it same as that of
a file.
2.Is it posible for one to save LINUX work on secondry device.

geetha   18-October-2005 - 03:22:33
please give the unix tutorial using pipe or signal

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