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Italian Grammar Home Page - Comments

Italian Grammar Home Page - a text-based instructional guide to Italian grammar, covering nouns, definite and indefinite articles, partitive article, adjectives, articulated prepositions, present tense, future tense, conditional, past conditional, past tense (passato prossimo), imperfect tense, pluperfect tense, gerundio, reflexive verbs, modal verbs, imperative mood, passive voice, impersonal verbs, pronouns, adverbs and more

Lindsay   01-October-2004 - 01:47:13
I already speak fluent italian and when I went over all the pages for it on this site, it was clear to me how to understand and learn it from scratch.

saleem jahangir   20-October-2004 - 14:47:53
very good i have laern lot of this page,but i want to make a sugtion that you could have goen littel depper to nouns

Laura Aguirre   21-November-2004 - 07:08:19
It is wonderful. I still need a more complete dictionary because I haven't found some italian words. I would like a section for phrases and idioms.
Thank you

siggy   16-December-2005 - 16:25:49
This website was almost PERFECT! It taught everything clearly, and easy to understand. The only thing that it didn't teach was how to pronounce words.

gianinne collotosty   30-December-2007 - 18:03:36
this is a really good website. it explains alot. everything except pronunciation, i think you could do a better job with it.

Jaelyn   23-September-11 - 02:43:17
With the bases leodad you struck us out with that answer!

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