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How To Make A Bodhran - Comments

How To Make A Bodhran - a step-by-step guide to making a Bodhran, the Celtic traditional drum, with specific advice on making the rim, steam box, rim mould, beater, and mounting the skin, maintaining your bodhran, tuning and more

dweber   25-October-2004 - 11:34:18

ken day   16-February-2005 - 17:06:30
excellant, thankyou

s   29-July-2006 - 19:49:03
i like it

Lesley E   26-August-2007 - 23:53:29
My search is done, now I can get down and do something about building my own instrument. Thankyou... blooming great stuff.

Brent Santin   17-March-2008 - 14:30:18
I am the author of this article. The version on the Ceolas site is Revision 3. That version is old and out-dated. Unfortunately the owner of that site is no longer hosting it and cannot be contacted to post a newer version. For the lastest version, see the one on my website:

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