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Fret Not Guitar Repair - Comments

Fret Not Guitar Repair - text-based instruction with some accompanying illustrations on guitar repair and maintenance, covering action adjustments, braces, binding, bridge and bridge plate repair, bridge plate, buzz diagnosis, care & cleaning, conversion, crack repair, fingerboard, replacing frets, fret leveling, finish, intonation, neck reset, nut, peghead repairs, pickguards, pick-up installation, refinish, relief, saddle adjustments, setting up an instrument, truss rod adjustments and more

Patrick   03-January-2002 - 19:45:22
Awesome! Great site with nice details and good pictures.

Flyman   22-March-2008 - 23:36:08
It's 2008 and the site is still informative!!!!
The enity is still here!
Simple but detailed if you got the guts, understanding, experience and gusto to take the guitar by the neck and follow through!!!
Honest and informational if you know how it is to see what you really have and what you HAVE to do if it's worth your time and $$ to do it.
He's honest and gives true pictures of mistakes and proper examples.
WORTH READING and to Use as a Study Guide of what and what not's.
Wish there was more step by step info.
But then again,,,, Experience Speaks for itself.
Cannot say more......BUT READ IT!!
So you know what you're in for!!!!


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