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Frequently Asked Questions about Flexibility and Stretching - Comments

Frequently Asked Questions about Flexibility and Stretching - a well-researched concise faq on how to stretch and become more flexible, covering what flexibility is, factors that affect flexibility, the importance of flexibility, how to improve flexibility, guidelines for an effective and safe stretching program, contraindications for stretching, when to stretch, holding stretches, factors responsible for flexibility improvement and more

Brice Johnson   03-October-2005 - 20:38:01
Great site. Really good/consise info. love to learn more about PNF stretching. perhaps the only improvement that I could suggest is more info on contraindications.

Stuart   07-November-2005 - 12:24:00
I agree about the contraindications, i was told by another site that there was contraindications on this site but i struggled to find them, apart from that it seems well thought out and researched

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