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Netfit: Stretching - Comments

Netfit: Stretching - photo-enhanced guides to stretching techniques and specific stretches for various parts of the body, including the hip adductor, biceps, calf, chest, deltoids/shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, back, quads, side bends, triceps, thighs, wrists, and more

lara   20-October-2003 - 08:06:25
A fantastic website- very user friendly and certainly helps to dispel some of the intimidation of setting out on a gym routine- i have been training for over 4 yrs and thought there was not much else to learn= but i have learnt so much about technique and also added a wealth of new stuff to my regime! Thanks!

gym chick   07-July-2005 - 18:25:53
this is the best site that I have ever been too - yes there are sites that claim to be great - but this site gives so much accurate advice for free its a credit to the guys and girls who have provided all the info - a huge thumbs up and big hug to you all xxxx

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