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Oil Painting with Zest-it - Comments

Oil Painting with Zest-it - text-based instruction on oil painting for beginners, covering basic oil painting techniques, how brushes and knives are made, why to use a palette or easel, the fat over lean principal, colour and the›colour wheel, colour mixing›, tonal values, tole painting and more

Peter   28-June-2002 - 14:25:36
What a great site! In the words of Arnie 'I'll be back!'

GOmer   13-January-2003 - 13:40:13
it was help full

Bita   28-May-2003 - 06:54:13
Your site is great, it has usefull information about colors.
I have an opinion I think adding some information about techniques on using brushes and Knives(for example where to use which one) is good.
Any way Thanks.

Iris   02-June-2003 - 11:30:20
Very 'user friendly' information. Thank you.

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