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Deutsche Welle: Learning German - Comments

Deutsche Welle: Learning German - audio-based, beginner, intermediate, and business online German lessons, with accompanying text and pdf files

Edith   13-March-2002 - 22:19:29
I really liked this site, the examples of lessons they give us, pronunciation and a manual for each lesson.
I recommen it.

Naima   24-April-2002 - 10:19:50
Thanks a lot for this very interesting site, especially concerning the lessons and the german TV.

Ziv   20-May-2002 - 04:57:34
It seems to be a good course, but I cannot download any mp3 files!
Can any one help me?

katrina   20-May-2002 - 10:55:26
You need to improve your grammer site for beginers.

Lisa   11-March-2003 - 21:20:36
A very good place to start, friendly and enjoyable. There are some problems with the written excersises though; answers are not always correct.
Exercises are sometimes a bit confusing as well.
Still, the site is well worth visiting and using.
Warum nicht?

JESUS ARTURO   27-August-2003 - 19:44:49

Victor   02-September-2003 - 11:52:12
Lots of files to read and study

CK   28-February-2005 - 14:11:12
The best imaginable.

Das   07-September-2006 - 07:47:06
Well organised path to learning German.

julia luther   30-December-2007 - 17:54:08
this is a pretty good website. i like it. i have some friends who want to learn german. maybe i will tell them about this website.

cool hat   23-October-10 - 19:33:45
Poo this!! It didn't help me at all!!! I was trying to learn German, and all this had was German news!!! It was stupid. If your trying to learn German, ban this from your computer!! It won't help you if you paid a million dollars!! I really hope you guys read comments before you look at websites, cause this sucks!! I hope this helps you find that this is a bad website. And if you don't believe me, go look at the website. Leave your own comments.

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