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Bash the Trash: Instrument Construction Zone - Comments

Bash the Trash: Instrument Construction Zone - illustrated guides on building musical instruments out of garbage, covering such instruments as the 4-in-1 coffee can, happy new year straw noisemaker, tube horns, tube trombones, finger piano, rubber band box guitars, tube-tar, styrocello and more

nanny   18-May-2002 - 08:16:09
This site was very helpful. My daughter had to make a musical instrument, and the answers are on this wesite. We thought the instruments came out great but were easy to make.

Andrea   03-September-2002 - 22:37:06
Great stuff!

nasar   02-February-2003 - 17:55:39
very good site!!!!!!!!

Mary   13-August-2003 - 02:00:55
Really useful instructions for relatively easy instrument making at school. Thanks.

Jennifer   18-August-2004 - 11:17:28
this has excellent illustrations and easy to understand instructions. Also like the sound options. Very colorful and fun to look at as well.

Meena Agarwal   26-August-2004 - 03:58:02
A lovely site indeed! Enjoyed reading it and hope to get my nine year old to experitment with some of the suggestions.

Hugo Schallenbergh   04-March-2005 - 06:45:58
I like this a lot

Anonymous Teacher   09-March-2006 - 17:34:43
This site is a great site for both my students and me to use for when we are covering sound!

lynne   02-December-2006 - 15:00:36
Just what i was looking for to inspire my year 5's into making instruments. It's certainly got me wanting to have ago!

Nick   24-March-2008 - 08:58:36
Very useful - and original - instruments. Perfect for what I was assigned. Thank you.

jack   18-May-10 - 22:18:53

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