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Hair Boutique: Hair Care Articles - Comments

Hair Boutique: Hair Care Articles - instructional articles and tips on hair care and hair management, including such articles as "Cutting Your Hair Short", "Does hair play a major role in how people perceive us?", "Hair & Beauty For Women Of A Certain Age", "Hair Manners", "Dandruff", "Hair & Beauty Tips For Spring", "Hair Color Tips From William", "Chemical Hair Straightening", "Hair Brushing 101", "Back To School Hair Tips", "Hair Hazards Of Well Water", "How To Minimize Post-Shampoo Detangling Of Long Hair ", "Making Your Hair Color Last", "Astrology: Cutting Your Hair By The Phases Of The Moon", "What Are "Natural" Hair Care Products?", "Special Tips For Long Hair Care At The Gym", "Hair Care Recipes", "Summer Hair Care Tips", "General Hair Care Tips" and more

Norina Affiza   19-February-2003 - 22:59:36

I'm 23 years old. My hair very long and below the shoulder. I coloured my hair twice a year. The problem is why my hair is very dry and not shining?I'll go for hair treatment every month. Is it because of the hair product or my diet? I ussually wash my hair and shampoo 3 times a week. Can you advice me step by step how to get very beautiful hair and shining also. I don't mind to spend a lot for my hair.

Thank You.

Nanette Waters   16-November-2004 - 15:22:16
I have a granddaughter with tight curly hair. I would like to learn some hair styles for her. Thank You.

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