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BAFRA: Articles on Furniture Restoration - Comments

BAFRA: Articles on Furniture Restoration - text-based instructional articles on furniture restoration, covering such topics as the reupholstery of antique seat furniture, woodshop air improvement, the care of antique furniture, the care and conservation of long case clocks, and more

Amy Dienst   22-April-2002 - 23:35:19
I havent seen enough information about reupholstering furniture

ray shutley   31-May-2004 - 21:09:05
I have been working all my life to make my jobs look good enough for me.Just about two years ago working in my field started to get on my last nerve. I reached for something else, WOOD has become the center for me. The feel ,smell ,look most of all to find and old cast off section of history.That i try to do justice . Now i know why it take so long to grow.

Bill   06-August-2006 - 18:52:14
I think everything is fine that I have seen.
It will help me.
The bath that you had made how big is that, and where can I fine that kind od motor to be used .
If you would give me a comment on that it would be much abliged.
thanks bill.

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