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FurnitureKnowledge Furniture Tip Archive - brief, text-based furniture restoration tips on such topics as hiding light scratches, removing candle wax from a finish, removing color, removing dark stains, removing oil from a wood surface, removing super glue from a finish, removing waxy build up, painting over an existing finish, leather furniture, buying antiques, buying chairs, buying sofas, do it yourself don'ts, furniture polishes, glass table tops, gluing down loose veneer, handling and moving furniture, humidity, telling if it's really solid wood, maintaining furniture, squeaky bed frames, sticky drawers, determining the kind of finish, white spots from water, wood screw lubrication, what kind of glue to use and more

henrietta cairns   25-May-2003 - 12:39:35
how do you strip veneer. i just bought two pieces of old small chest of drawers and some of the veneer has been varnished or something and some has come unglued , what can i do with it.
thank you

Lisa   03-October-2004 - 02:05:11
Very useful!

Richard Moore   05-July-10 - 23:51:02
Thanks for all the info! Very helpful!

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