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Furniture Restoration & Repair - Comments

Furniture Restoration & Repair - a concise instructional article on specific approaches to furniture restoration from a professional craftsman

Robert E. Fisher   11-December-2003 - 15:28:31
I have just started to gain interest in wood refinishing. A friend gave me several pieces of smoke damage furniture. I am not sure how to get rid of the smell so I am using a palm sander. I guess you would call the finish Golden Oak over laminated plywood. Any hints.

bob   12-July-2004 - 06:54:09
It's good to read something from a craftsman who isn't just in it for the bucks. A common sense approach to an occupation filled with way too much commercial complexity.

Jim Franco   16-December-2006 - 10:42:36
Great article, I've enjoyed every word.

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