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A Short Introduction to Operating Systems - Comments

A Short Introduction to Operating Systems - a detailed, illustrated operating system tutorial, covering what an operating system is, single-task OS, multi-tasking and multi-user OS, processes and threads, memory and storage, networks services and protocols, TCP/IP Networks, security design considerations and more

Raghu   03-June-2003 - 10:17:27
Nice website.... pls keep updating

jl rana   21-September-2004 - 00:59:56
Coverage is good. But depth is lacking at several places. More clarity in expression is needed. Exercises are few.

keyur gohel   14-November-2004 - 14:04:12
give letest news on o.s

vijayarahavan   01-September-2005 - 06:54:23
Your tutorial notes are very much useful for reference ,regarding operating systems.Thank you

rajan   08-June-2006 - 02:21:19

Thabo   10-March-2008 - 10:53:19
100%, don't hav anything 2 say ever since i'm critically minded thus there is nothing 2 criticize, since every thing that a graduate would want 2 know about OS is mantioned in the document. I would definetly recomend anyone interested in understanding OS 2 @ least go through the document.

harrison   25-August-11 - 01:25:35
very easy to understand,summarised but with all the important points

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