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Online CS Modules: Operating Systems - Comments

Online CS Modules: Operating Systems - illustrated operating system tutorials covering the purpose of the operating system, the difference between a resource, a program, and a process, how to recognize critical resources, the behavior of semaphores, memory page replacement algorithms, how files are stored in secondary storage, processes, synchronization, deadlock, memory allocation, virtual memory, file management and more

Mehraj-ud-Din Dar   19-May-2003 - 01:49:17

genet   06-October-2003 - 17:51:20
A fantastic piece of work. I never knew computing was that easy. Brilliant! Brilliant!! Brilliant!!!

manoj   29-October-2004 - 03:33:29
thanks to You for providing this oppertunity

darshan tejani   29-September-10 - 09:45:11
what is compile address binding in operating system?????????

Rangan Das   16-July-11 - 04:22:24
This is awesome !

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