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Typing Injury FAQ - Comments

Typing Injury FAQ - answers to frequently asked questions and instructional articles about typing-related repetitive strain injuries, with specific lessons and information on typing ergonomics, organizations, furniture, alternative keyboards, speech recognition, pointing devices, typing accessories, software and more

kelsea   19-July-2002 - 22:20:06
im glad

Latoina Stone   25-October-2002 - 12:14:05
I'am trying to develop speed in typing. right now I'am stuck on 30wpm and I want to develop more speed.

amberene   26-December-2002 - 14:36:55
heeeeey nice site i loove it its really sexy!

Thomas   08-June-2007 - 13:57:33
Great site. Fantastic dexterity exercises. Program designed to teach typing using the correct finger-keystroke techniques.

Matee   03-July-11 - 12:26:01
Many many quality pinots there.

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