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Operating Systems Introduction - Comments

Operating Systems Introduction - detailed, illustrated online course on computer operating systems, with lessons and tutorials covering the different types of operating systems, parts of an operating system, how operating systems run more than one program at once, single-user and multi-user operating systems, input and output devices, utilities, interfaces, multi-tasking, cooperative and preemptive scheduling, dispatching, context switching, scheduling, process control blocks, threads, background and foreground task, file types, how an operating system keep track of files, root file systems, clusters, symbolic link or shortcuts, how is free space managed, access control lists and file permissions, fragmentation and what defragging a drive does, networking and more

nem   29-November-2002 - 12:15:45
i got so much help from your site during my exams.


adeline   03-June-2006 - 05:44:43
Thanks 4 the site, I really enjoyed ma readings. I t has made my understanding easy coz in class, my tutor used to explain but i never got the concept clear. Thanks very much dear for the good work you did.


amit singh   17-September-2007 - 05:31:57
sir i want to know defination of batch operatimg system but i does not find it in any website please include it

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