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Introduction to Computer Science using Java - Comments

Introduction to Computer Science using Java - a complete, step-by-step, interactive online java course that introduces and reinforces computer science principles, with lessons and tutorials on general computer science topics, analog and binary signals, machine language and high level languages, language translation and interpretation, how to run java programs, translating java source code into bytecodes, how to program in java, object oriented programming, software objects, applets and graphics, incrementing and decrementing variables, convenient ways to create loops, inheritance, abstract classes and polymorphism, interfaces, vectors and enumerations, graphical user interface (GUI) programming, project swing and the abstract windowing toolkit, exceptions and more

z   19-May-2002 - 05:19:21
good and detailed

Chimere Okoro   02-November-2002 - 11:04:15
The closest to a full interactive tutorial online, many expected this to have happened a long time ago, but well!!! Try this if your new to programming and need instructing but don't have the cash for an instructor i.e not in school, or can't afford one of those fancy interactive java tutorials, a bargain, this is why the internet was invented.

jama aden   23-November-10 - 05:32:36
This is the best educational website of Java i've ever viewed.

I would like to see more elaboration on this method:
puplic static void main(string[] args). i t is hard to understand why we use a reference to array of String as a parameter, when there is no parameters passed to the method. For example, when it is only used to create a Frame.
Your more explanation will be appreciated.

Adam Kadiir   25-November-10 - 06:05:05
good stuff

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