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What tree is it? - Comments

What tree is it? - illustrated guides to identifying trees by their leaves, fuits and name, including such trees as the American Beech, American Chestnut , Amur Maple, Arborvitae, Austrian Pine, Babylon Weeping Willow, Black Ash, Black Birch, Black Cherry, Blue Ash, Bur Oak, Chinese Dogwood, Common Apple, Eastern Cottonwood, Eastern Hemlock, Elm, English Field Maple, Flowering Cherry, Ginkgo, Hawthorn, Hornbeam, Juneberry, Kentucky Coffeetree, Larch, Norway Spruce, Pawpaw, Plum, Pussy Willow, Red Cedar, Red Maple, Red Oak, Red Pine, River Birch, Scarlet Oak, Scotch Pine, Silver Maple, Slippery Elm, Speckled Alder, Sugar Maple, Sweet Crabapple, Sweetgum, Sycamore, Virginia Pine, Weeping Willow, White Ash, White Pine and more

joe bak   06-October-2002 - 16:27:29
t need information on how to identify trees from their leaves and all i found was general data on leaves and fruits, not which ones belong to source tree.

KD   14-May-2004 - 15:49:08
This is an awesome site! It is hard to know which tree is which sometimes, and it is important to know the variety to care for it properly. Kudos!

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