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Peter Saw: Watercolour Tips - Comments

Peter Saw: Watercolour Tips - a collection of illustrated instructional tips and resources for watercolour painters, including a general introduction to watercolour for beginners, watercolour terminology, step by step demonstrations of a simple landscape and other nature scenes, tutorials on composition, colour & the colour wheel, colours in watercolour & colour mixing and more

Ben   06-June-2002 - 18:46:55
Super site - Just what I needed to start me off

Grace Betteridge   10-June-2002 - 13:50:34
What an excellent site! Also extremely helpful, it is all very clear and easy to navigate which makes it more of a joy to visit. Definately earning itself a place in my favourites column as i intend to re-visit regularly!

Holly   23-June-2002 - 18:26:14
I can now paint TREES! Thanks for the help.

Juha Niemelš   07-September-2002 - 06:09:04
Dear Peter, here in Finland we have a bit different colors and as still learning of painting I am always looking some good advise and tips. From your pages I have found a lot. Thanks a lot. Yours Mr. Juha Niemelš

vanessa   03-January-2003 - 16:55:27
i know how to paint but i have no talent or inspiration. i just tried these doodles and i CAN DO IT. of course with out the doodles i still cant but i have some work that looks anything other than naff. im really proud of the doodles i did and am very grateful to be able to do them. it does however prove that its my lack of talent and not my inability to use the paints.Thanks for allowing me to use them, i will continue to take great pleasure in 'copying'from other, more talented, people work.

Tom   19-January-2003 - 17:39:28
Thanks for the help on this site. The tutorials and doodles are great.

Sandra Simmons   09-May-2003 - 05:28:01
A very good instructional site for a beginner like me

Brenda   15-October-2003 - 12:42:16
Years ago I used to do a lot of drawing and painting but had no formal training. I needed to get some information on how to get started etc... I believe almost all of my questions have been answered at this site. I can't wait to get started. Thanks!!!

Janice Stork   06-November-2003 - 11:24:34
Peter Saw's tutorial on composition is one of the finest I have ever read. It's always been a difficult subject for me, especially since I have learned to paint on my own. I walked away feeling that my art work would be forever changed for having read it.

Peter Saw   13-November-2003 - 19:07:40
Thanks to everyone who has left messages here. I sincerely appreciate the feedback.

Vicky Harte   25-February-2004 - 06:26:39
I'm a brand new novice and enjoyed the simplistic way Peter has described everything. I've learnt a great deal from the site. Thank you.

John Raine   03-October-2004 - 13:44:42
First Class resourse for any water clour beginer

Safiyyah   24-June-2005 - 14:49:05
The site gave more than enough information for a beginner. Everything was organized perfectly, and the glossary at the end was a nice touch.

D Fenton   06-October-2005 - 13:22:17
Excellent primer for a beginner. I cant wait to really sit down and get through each exercise. I just finished using the site to get my stuff organized

Robin L   15-October-2005 - 02:53:59
Peter provides a wonderfully practical approach: I've learned almost everything I know of watercolour from his teaching.

Ian Ramsay   18-October-2005 - 17:46:33
The best internet teacher is Peter !

Leah H.   19-October-2005 - 12:15:09
Great site, wonderful tips, easy to understand! Leah H. -- USA

Joan Glen-Martin   18-November-2005 - 16:03:23
As I am new to watercolours found this site a real good source of hints tips and great demos.

jBrandon   10-January-2006 - 14:57:16

Judy Bevin   11-February-2006 - 21:32:47
Exceptionaly good. Terrific resource!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim   04-April-2006 - 01:48:55
Have just started painting and found your site excellent. Like the step by step approach to lessons. Have tried teaching myself from books for years but found that your instructions enabled me to paint something I did not feel depressed about. Gave me confidence to start paintings things that I like in nature. Wish you had more examples to help me along the way. Keep them coming.

Gladys Z   30-May-2006 - 18:41:07
Thank you Peter Saw for this very informational web site. I want to be able to paint with watercolors and after buying books and taking an 3 day course I found more useful information on your site than the rest put together.

verenitch   22-November-2006 - 18:43:29
Phew! Now I know I can begin at a place where I will be closer to creating a pleasant painting. Excellent site. I do not like reinventing the wheel; thanks for the headstart.

Dr khalid Azadar   18-February-2007 - 04:51:11
the color Wheel is so easy to follow & understand. The techniques gave a jump start. thank you very much

Peter Saw   20-April-2007 - 13:56:35
I am grateful to everyone who has posted comments here about my site.
I'm pleased that you found the site useful and wish you the best of luck with your painting.

Turner David   17-July-2007 - 11:53:08
A great site..recently updated.Very good instructions clearly given.

C.Wright   05-September-2007 - 14:10:10
very helpful

Julie Gorringe   03-October-2008 - 17:28:52
Extremely useful site, and very talented artist, thanks

Linda, Texas, USA   02-April-2009 - 10:19:10
I have moved your site to the top of my watercolor favorites. Thanks for providing this resource with your doodles. They are tremendously helpful.

Jordan   26-August-2009 - 11:44:54
I read your site once and it was extremely helpful. Thanks a billion for your help

CHamill104   09-September-2009 - 11:23:42
Great for learning! Good resource for introduction.

Mandy   12-December-2009 - 04:19:38
Simple, clear and informative. Even I could follow, and I'm absolute beginner!

nancy   23-December-2009 - 18:56:57
I have been painting for several years now and I found Peter's explanation of composition to be simple but very effective and easy to use. quick and to the point

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