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Academic Literacy - Comments

Academic Literacy - interactive, illustrated guides on developing academic skills which enable you to express your ideas clearly and in a manner appropriate to academic culture, covering such specific topics as writing paragraphs, essay writing, critical reflection, referencing, academic writing conventions, editing and proofreading, oral presentations, effective notemaking, active reading and more

lequangluong   17-November-2002 - 22:36:26
im a student.i study in the forestry university of viet nam.
... i want to learn eng lish!
help me!

H.Korenberg   22-April-2003 - 15:53:36
I would preferred to have free tutorials about different languagrs.

Serge   31-January-2006 - 02:10:00
the site give interesting and creative tips to improve one's academic skills. wish it had more info.

Etta   30-January-2007 - 07:49:08
This site is truly amazing to me! I was totally unaware that sites like this existed...

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