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Cooking Wisdom - Comments

Cooking Wisdom - a collection of illustated cooking techniques and tips, addressing such topics as boiling eggs, cooking potatoes without crushing, cutting breads and butters neatly, deodorizing eggs, how to clean oysters, how to drain tofu, how to enjoy instant coffee, how to expel ants from sugar, how to peel almonds easily, how to prevent bananas from blackening, how to prevent garlic breath, how to relieve salty and pungent flavor, how to remove agrochemicals from cabbages, how to ripen kiwis, how to roast fish neatly, how to select cucumbers, how to select tofu, how to squeeze a lemon, how to wash fruits cleanly, how to wash too salty food, potato storage, reviving wilted vegetables and more

rima   10-May-2002 - 09:50:39
there's a lot of infos at your site...as an experienced housewife&eager cook,i rate the tips by 10 over 10

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