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Flute History - Comments

Flute History - illustrated instructional articles on the history of the flute and flute-playing, with specific information about flute players, makers, composers, and instruments of the past 800 years

J.J. Quantz   10-December-2002 - 14:46:43

Rampal   19-January-2003 - 01:39:06
I agree--this is a fantastic site. Not too many details, just the important ones. Also the book "The Flute" on this site is incredibly enlightening!

Abby   11-November-2003 - 20:30:12
I am using this site for my report on the history of flutes, and I am very impressed with it. Everything is very structured and formatted-- it has been the most helpful site I have accessed so far.

Ahpie   27-December-2003 - 00:03:21
This is such the best site ever!!

bob   20-October-2004 - 08:59:54
I love the Flute!!!!!!!

Jimmy Galway   13-March-2005 - 18:47:34
Fantastic site, great book goes with it too.

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