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The Voice Teacher: Articles - Comments

The Voice Teacher: Articles - in-depth instructional articles on singing and vocal production, including such articles as "Working with Diplophonia", "Damaging Vocal Techniques", "How to Vocalize a Choir and Keep Vocal Health", "Female Lower Passaggio", "Applying Technique to Repertoire", "Psychological Abuse", "Understanding Vibrato", "Achieving Balance in the "Ah" Vowel", "Understanding and Solving Problems in the Middle Register", "The Shaking Jaw and Tongue", "The Vocal "Wobble": Causes and Solutions", "Singing Dramatically without Pushing the Voice", "Vocal Acoustics in the Theater", "Recuperating Damaged Voices", "The Attack or Onset of Sound", "Breath and Support", "Breath Management", "Psychological Hints for Teaching Singing" and more

Tshegetsang Kgalagadi   24-August-2009 - 02:45:14
My Voice has suddenly developed hoarseness please help

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