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Notable Knot Index - Comments

Notable Knot Index - illustrated guides on tying some of the the most important knots for a variety of purposes, including loops & nooses such as the bowline, butterfly loop, hangman's noose, lark's loops, midshipman's or tautline hitch, slippery 8 loop, water bowline, bends such as the zeppelin bend and midspan sheet bend, hitches such as sailor hitches, timber hitch, pile hitch & double pile hitch, slipped buntline hitch, other knots including the versatackle, poldo tackle, the boa & the constrictor knot, as well as tips for untying jammed knots, storing your rope, knot faq's and more

Kyle   20-May-2002 - 17:26:11
I like that is has hard-to-find stuff.

Ron Estey   15-August-10 - 16:46:26
This site is the knot site that I keep going back to time and time again. It has a remarkable collection of the "best of the best" of knots.

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