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Taalthuis Online Dutch Course - Comments

Taalthuis Online Dutch Course - sound-enhanced beginner and intermediate online Dutch lessons, covering Dutch vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening skills and more

wang   27-September-2002 - 08:00:36
very good

Jean-Christophe Joseph Arlanda   11-September-2003 - 05:21:31
Hoi! Mijn naam is Jean-Christophe Joseph Arlanda. Ok, this site (taalthuis) is Great.....!!! I like it very much. How useful it is for me a lover of the Netherlands to learn the language. I have been twice in Holland, at my sister's place and was charmed by everything in the country. I would however, as would many others like me, that more tools to learn the language can be downloaded for use offline. Why not a copy of the website zipped... Ok I let the author to decide about that. Again, let me reiterate my appreciation of the website. Each time when I am free at school, I go to the Internet and www.taalthuis.nl remains a prized destination. Tot ziens jongens!!!

Jean-Christophe Joseph Arlanda   28-January-2004 - 08:35:22
Hi the Author! I am bitterly disappointed that taalthuis has not been updated since a long time, please don't let the project down, it is a masterpiece for a free Dutch Online Teaching

Jen   26-May-2006 - 16:43:12
I found the Taalthuis site to be very helpful and easy to follow. My one complaint is that some of the sound files were missing in the lessons. Hopefully the site owner will update them!

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