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PsYcHo LiCkS 101 - short lessons on specific rock and blues electric guitar licks, with supporting MP3 sound files, TAB and traditional notation, including such licks, tips and tricks as "Legato Shred Lick", "A Torrent of Tapping Tricks", "E Dorian žSpiralÓ Lick", "Blazing Bluesy Pentatonic Lick", "Open String Pull-Off Lick", "Atonal Tapping Lick (ż la Buckethead)", "Chromaticizing 3-Notes-Per-Stg Shapes", "Picking/Fretting Hand Synchronization Exercises", "Mixolydian Mayhem", "Hendrix-Style Chord Partials", "Intervallic Pentatonics", "Fast Alternate Picking" and more

Brandon   02-January-2004 - 15:57:17
Amazing free lessons! All styles including acoustic fingerstyle, shred, a variety of rythm guitar styles in tab, mp3, and regular notation. I also learned a ton about theory while reading the accompanying articles (Site host is Dale Turner (teacher at GIT & writer/editor at Guitar One).

You must check it out!

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