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'Sabretooth' Paper Airplane - Comments

'Sabretooth' Paper Airplane - an illustrated, step-by-step guide to making the Sabretooth paper plane

Jessica   05-June-2002 - 22:40:11
Hey, wonderful site. I could really understand the directions and that is a cool plain. It works really well. I think u shold put more planes and how to build them because u do a great job in explaining the directions.

Skatey_Dude   12-June-2002 - 05:17:36
Because it is easy to make if you try to take the keywords out of the sentences and putting them together and it wouldn't be so hard to make the plane!

corey   17-November-2002 - 01:46:54
the lift is a problem. something that could be added should be something about adding flaps to the back of the wings so lift isn't a problem. the instructions are pretty bad.

andy   25-July-2004 - 17:19:18
I realy like that plane.it flies like a real plane!Godd gob.

Sarena   18-July-2006 - 20:51:48
It's very nice but it could use some more expanitory steps!

slovek   10-April-2008 - 14:57:10
the directions were easy but the flying wasn't as great as they said

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