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How to Make a Musical Bamboo Flute - Comments

How to Make a Musical Bamboo Flute - a step-by-step illustrated guide to making a flute from an old bamboo fishing pole (or other bamboo source), with specific guidance on cutting, hole placement, burning out unneeded fibrous material and more

Zeph Foster   26-April-2003 - 13:23:37
The material answered exactly what I needed to know about making a bamboo flute. Thank you for your help.

Shalom, Zeph

Jeremy   24-May-2004 - 17:39:57
Realy thorough and helpful

eng   14-August-2004 - 21:46:08
Very useful to my current project. I would be happy if more information on simple method of making any musical instruments is put on the web sites.

Randy Dreamer   06-September-2004 - 15:31:08
i've tried to construct the flute you've illustrated here, its great i've easily played it.but i've encountered problems when it comes to precise tuning. maybe you could give me some calculations so that i could have the precise tune i want..thank you for this information you have, it helped me alot.

lily   17-February-2005 - 13:29:22
this isn't very helpful

Lonnie   15-June-2005 - 01:30:01
I haven't tried this yet, but it is what I was looking for.

Casey   25-February-2006 - 17:43:26
This isnt much use to me. Not very helpful

er   09-February-2009 - 08:48:34
very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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