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HMC Calculus Tutorial - Comments

HMC Calculus Tutorial - illustrated calculus tutorials on pre-calculus, single-variable calculus, multi-variable calculus, linear algebra and differential equations, specifically covering binomial theorem, complex numbers, computing limits, functions and transformations of functions, antiderivatives, arc length, chain rule, computing integrals by completing the square, computing integrals by substitution, continuity, differentiating special functions, first derivative, fundamental theorem of calculus, infinite series convergence, integration by parts, L'Hopital's Rule, limit definition of the derivative, mean value theorem, partial fractions, product rule, quotient rule, trigonometric substitution, elementary vector analysis and more

Jason   10-August-2004 - 19:38:17
I don't like this site. The format is horrible and their notation is sloppy.

syed shamshuz zama   21-November-2005 - 10:12:33
i need a guide for calculus formulae...starting from basic derivatives..it would b great if i can get the formulae for the limits as well..thanx

cierrah   21-February-2007 - 22:59:20
i have learnd so much!!!!!

jo   10-May-2007 - 03:33:52
mm.. I'm a bit curious as to why the writer insists ax=bx does not always mean that a=b. His argument is that a=b IFF x is not zero because, if 2x=3x and x=0, saying 2=3 would be incorrect.

Forgive me, but doesn't 2x0 =0 and 3x0 = 0? Therefore 0=0 would be the correct argument? I still believe that if ax=bx, a=b is true for any value of x.

Dina   18-May-11 - 04:13:04
Hey, slbute must be your middle name. Great post!

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