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Ask Dr. Paint - Comments

Ask Dr. Paint - a collection of painting tips and techniques in question/answer form, covering such topics as how to paint acoustical ceilings, adhesion testing, alkyd yellowing, anodized aluminum, painting bathrooms, painting brick, calcimine paint, painting caulk, concrete, decks, doors, drywall, elastomerics, epoxies, floors, high-temperature paint, lead abatement, metal surfaces, oil vs. latex, paint odor, paint removal, patching, pools, primers, respirators, roofs, shelf life, painting aluminum siding, cedar siding, general siding, masonite siding, redwood siding, vinyl siding, spray equipment, stucco, textures, touch-up, wallcoverings, weather and temperature, exterior wood, interior wood and more

robin   24-May-2003 - 01:08:13
i really enjoyed this site but i think it would be even better if we could type our actual questions and perhaps have an email sent to us with an answer just my opinion thanx for all your help

Susan   20-June-2005 - 11:15:41
I have a water damaged ceiling. It is dry now. My painter tells me calcimine paint will adhere to grey wall ceiling at the top. Then they will skim coat this. Should I have this painted or have blueboard put up?

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