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DarkCorner: Improve Your memory - Comments

DarkCorner: Improve Your memory - a brief text-based guide with ideas on improving memory, covering simple mnemonics, place memory, associated numbers, chain memory, making visual associations, how to remember persons' names, how to improve your observation power, how to remember faces and more

shady   18-November-2002 - 05:51:40
really simple and hit the point

Johny   07-July-2003 - 17:02:29
good guide-useful links 100%

kiriakos   07-October-2004 - 00:19:46
this is an epitome of many volumes of psychology textbooks.

John   14-September-2005 - 18:07:29
It is good site & have good lesson to improve your memory

hanif   14-October-2007 - 07:58:46
best of Luck

periyasaame   12-November-2007 - 12:56:11
It is a very good experience

uday   25-October-2008 - 21:36:51
I am working for non profit organsation which helps students who can not ahve enough facilities for learning. I would like to teach them these techniques so taht they can benifit by this.

Jaylan   02-July-11 - 22:07:24
Your article perfectly shows what I neeedd to know, thanks!

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