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Memorization Learning Techniques - Comments

Memorization Learning Techniques - text-based instructional guides to memory improvement strategies, covering such things as theories and processes underlying memory, brain mind memory encoding, storage, retention, and retrieval, natural memory rhythms, learning principles related to memory, memory enhancing techniques methods for improved memorization, mnemonic techniques and specific memory tricks, generic long term memory memorization and more

el pez   06-August-2002 - 05:54:26
This page had some thorough information about cognitive psychology. If you are a layman interested in that topic, have fun.

For my part, I just wanted some quick tips. The section outlining basic memorization techniques was well-written (to-the-point and a casual vocabulary) and easy to remember (isn't that a virtue?).

Chelsi   31-October-11 - 03:18:00
Kudos! What a neat way of thiinkng about it.

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