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Operation Doubles: Tennis Doubles Strategy & Tactics - Comments

Operation Doubles: Tennis Doubles Strategy & Tactics - illustrated instructional guides on doubles tennis basics, strategy, tactics, match play, partnership and shotmaking, specifically covering both-up strategy, errors, eyework, footwork pattern, maneuvering at net, poaching, pressure, relating to your partner, responding to your partnerís shot, serving, spin, strategic targets, switching, taking care of lobs, the basis and elements of partnership, the service return, the three basic doubles formations, Australian doubles and more

Ron Liveris   16-January-2003 - 17:12:51
Information will be very useful for teaching doubles clinics at my club. Will refer students to site.

Tek   02-May-2003 - 10:48:35
This site provides excellent information regarding the game of tennis. It made me look at the game from a tactical and scientific way(possible angles, predictable patterns of play) in a way I have never done before. Better still, this approach towards the game suited my own personal preferences being interested in probabilities, deviations and patterns.

Being a relative newcomer to doubles I was quite impressed how much my game had improved over night! I read about the 'hole' in doubles. In the match last night I made sure I had that area covered and guess what, most of my opponent's returns were directed at the hole. Before I had just resigned myself to the fact that he had played a faster, better shot and that I could never possibly retrieve this type of return. Last night I was there, covering the 'hole', anticipating them. When they came I was ready. I couldn't believe it how easy it was to return every single one of them!

Obvioulsy there is a lot of information on this site. The trick is just before a match, to read one new thing to bring to court with you. You'll find it much easier to remember one thing than 20 new things and secondly if it's successful your confidence will increase.

Must dash, got load more pages to digest

Cheers guys for the website its great.

John H.   19-August-2004 - 19:32:12
Outstanding! Loaded with info and illastrations.

Sally Meyer   10-April-2005 - 21:38:55
What a fantastic site!!! This site is loaded with information I've never seen before. Great diagrams.

Arturo Freeman   08-June-2005 - 18:54:16
This site showed me things in a way that I did not forget when I got on court. I never had instruction that really worked like this before. The next day I knew what I was doing and won many points I used to lose. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sam L   12-June-2006 - 01:25:30
Cool website and blog. Well illustrated with tons of info.

Emily P   18-June-2006 - 10:04:39
Amazing site. I've played regular club tennis for 19 years and learned more in an hour from this site than in all those years. Such a simple thing as not looking back to watch your partner hit. I've been to clinics and nobody ever taught us that before! And it works. It makes a huge difference the very first time you go out and play afterwards. Great site. A ton of information. Thanks a lot!

Nelia   16-August-11 - 01:51:19
You keep it up now, uendsrtnad? Really good to know.

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