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Jess's Goalie Page - Goalie Tips and Techniques - Comments

Jess's Goalie Page - Goalie Tips and Techniques - illustrated instructional articles on hockey goalie techniques and tips, covering such topics as the goaltender ready position, why you shouldn't stand up, the best positions for when the puck goes behind the net, the skate save, the butterfly and more

Billy Beaudry   06-October-2002 - 18:29:15
This site is awesome. It has almost everything a goalie could need. The advice given is great. The Discussion Board is deadly. A must see for goalies.

TERESA   10-February-2003 - 12:57:27

Eric   01-May-2003 - 16:47:37
I was kindof dissapointed. There's nothing on equipment, playing the angle, or puck handling as a goaltender, stuff that I deem rather important. Some incorrect stuff: butterfly is a style of playing that involves playing low to the ice to protect low shots and to see around screens, it's not when you're down on the ice with your stick in front of you in a compact position or however it was described. Somewhere else the site suggested that goalies should practice getting up from a "butterfly" one leg at a time?! This would leave any goalie off balance and unprepared for a shot. Goalies should always practice getting up quickly and in one motion.

john   30-May-2003 - 08:22:21
This site is great..Im a beginer goaile just playing street (i wasnt doing that good) then i found this site and it really helped me find my stance and found my inner goalie. I play much better now with the help of this site. THANK YOU.

Thomas   24-June-2004 - 20:53:00
There were some flaws with this site. For how well the site was laid out I would have expected more. There were some problems when describing some technical aspects of goaltend for instance the Butterfly. Some of the information was misleading and could send younger goalies down a trend that could negitively impact thier game.

ross   19-November-2004 - 15:48:49
This is a great web site! Finally a page for goalies!

rob   30-May-2005 - 22:01:29
Getting up one leg at a time gives you better balance, which makes sure you won't fall while getting up. Balance is essential, and it should be placed ahead of speed. So Eric, wherever you're getting your information make sure they know what they're talking about

goalie_girl17   14-August-2005 - 17:29:48
ok. im a memeber of the discussion board. and if ya'll have some complaining about the site. it was last updated TWO years ago! don't whine about it. go to the discussion board. the info there is updated DAILY and you can learn alot. (no butterfly explaination screwups there)

El_Tortuga   28-August-2005 - 15:37:57
Anyone else having getting an error in linking to Jess' discussion board or am I in the unfortuante minority?

the _innergoalie   08-December-2005 - 23:36:54
i JUST started being a goalie playing street a little ice now and then. but know i am much better and i am stopping shots. Except for one kid you has a mean slapshot and i meen mean and he stickhandals good too.Now whos getting picked last MR. best friend whos super goalie.Out of goalies that is.I am a GOOD goalie now and the site helped me a lot.:)

Andrew   01-August-2006 - 21:20:42
This is great!I only play street hockey and usually I let in more than I save.But after I came to this site I stopped 97/100!I was amazed!Any goalie should see this site.

jonah   10-August-2006 - 17:29:09
this is a good site but i knew all this anyone know any different tips?

Lori Preston   18-October-2006 - 13:40:20
Awesome! Was looking for some goalie tips, gave me all the answers I was lookin for :)

adam   20-November-2006 - 17:36:35
quick reading and helpful tips

kurt hamilton   21-December-2006 - 23:24:45
more goalie tips please! good stuff.

Bill   22-February-2007 - 03:00:15
Is this site for real? Jess, you advertise a "skate save" as if it is common with a trapper or a blocker save. The only time a skate save will happen is when you are out of position or cannot stretch enough to make the save with your pad.

Your understanding of the butterfly is less than mediocre.

For those who play street hockey, learning from ice hockey will not teach you anything because positioning is quite different.

Do not use this information to improve your goalie skills. It will teach you the wrong things.


Quinn   04-March-2007 - 17:07:22
Get up to date here! There is now no butterfly or stand up now, you have to be hybrid to be able to stop glove and pad saves. The only low shot save technique you should be using is the butterfly

Dave   01-November-10 - 11:23:16
You may want to check with Jacques Caron, the greatest goalie coach in the history of hockey, on whether standup goaltending is a thing of the past. He single handedly transformed Marty Brodeur into the greatest goaltender ever, from a guy who tried to be Patrick Roy. There is a time and a place to stand up and a time and a place to use a modified butterfly - more of a hybrid approach. More kids should study Brodeur's style and approach when learning to play goal. Not only will they be better goalies but it would cut down on hip and knee injuries.

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