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DOS Tutorial : The Basics - Comments

DOS Tutorial : The Basics - a short text-based tutorial on DOS for beginners, covering what DOS is, why you might need DOS, how to set the date and time, DOS directory commands, how to scroll through the directory listing, how to view a wide listing of files, clear the screen, create a DOS file, how to copy a file, how to rename a file or a group of files, how to create a subdirectory, move to a subdirectory, set the DOS prompt, move to the parent directory, copy a file into a subdirectory, list subdirectories, delete a single file or a group of files, remove a subdirectory, format a floppy disk, change the default drive and more

rasool   07-April-2006 - 11:43:48
It gives an overall view of DOS

alloy   29-October-2007 - 14:52:17
i love your tutorial and i would like to learn more.

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