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Common Arabic words and phrases - Comments

Common Arabic words and phrases - a sound-enhanced arabic tutorial on common Arabic phrases, including "hello!, hi!", "peace!", "peace - reply", "good morning", "good evening/afternoon", "welcome!", "how are you?", "good bye", "thank you", "you are welcome", "yes", "no", "please!" and more

dawoud k muhammad   23-November-2002 - 13:17:36
i am enjoying the course so far it is very easy to understand

Yvette   27-January-2003 - 23:15:20
Spelling out the pronunciation such as:
ahl sah-LAHM-ah-ah-LAY-Koom
would be most helpful when following along with the audio clips.

gloria   06-September-2003 - 07:54:36

matt   20-November-2003 - 12:50:55
nice arabic phrase page!
nicely done

kammy   08-May-2004 - 10:29:16
i am a muslim and i found this incredably helpful and i'm only 11!
i think it's fab!

qurrat ul ain   12-June-2005 - 19:42:24
i really like the way the discription is given and also mentioning the same in engllish really helps us understand

Sasha   07-April-2007 - 15:16:55
easy and EXELLENTE!!!!

MARIANO CARRALERO SOLIS   21-June-2007 - 10:54:44
Mi deso es aprender el idioma arame como lengua cultural de la MediterranŽee, y para mi es inportantes otros idimas del arco mediterraneo para formar una union de culturas.

Linda   16-November-2007 - 23:32:10
It gives the 'mannor' words. A nice introduction

moses totona   10-June-2008 - 13:18:30
how do i get to easier ways of learning arabic

Lacey   23-September-11 - 04:36:22
Check that off the list of things I was confseud about.

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